The Dragonslayers Of Zhaitan
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The Dragonslayers Of Zhaitan
Hey everyone ^_^

To introduce ourselves; we're all a bit crazy, but we fit together and it works for us. We've been on Far Shiverpeaks since the very beginning of GW2, and while we've done WvW raids for a while, in the end not enough people showed up to make it worthwhile. That said, we do Missions every week on Wednesday evenings and have loads of fun doing so.

If you're interested in us, feel free to send a message to Eirlys Windchaser in-game or via - I'm the leader. Do keep in mind we're more about the company than doing raids or dungeons together, so another guild might be better for you if you want to get into that.

The selected 'Guild Homepage' is our Facebook page, which I really should be doing more with. It's of course also possible to leave a message over there and I will try my best to respond as soon as possible.

Sincerely, Eirlys

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Eirlys Leader
Chester Member
Clerya Member
FytherScude Member
Ghost2608 Member
NOIP Member
Nison Member
Strazha Member
blablablabla Member
branyau Member
brightfeathr Member
hornster Member
soffa Member
tommekeout Member
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