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Who we are:
Azimut [aZm] is a non-exclusive French community of casual and serious gamers, mostly settled on FSP since 2014.

Who we were:
Founded a long time ago, [aZm] used to be an hardcore WvW guild, focused on "farming" ennemies. After a few breaks and re-starts, aZm members joined various guilds but aZm community remained.

What we do:
Nowadays, our main goal is to find the perfect match between Azimuth staff and our outfit in order to be the height of fashion. This way we can parade in appropriate places:
- the Borlerlands or Eternal Battleground while raiding, roaming, pugging or simply protecting our dear Dolyaks and ending the suffering of ennemies' ones,
- the Fractals of the Mists for the dailies, the success and the leveling up to 100,
- the Heart of the Mist for sPvP challenges,
- the Royal Terrace for crafting activities, such as precursors through the Mystic Forge.

Which Spy to contact: Lobely (Nayanea.2708)

Guild Roster

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Member Rank
Alistar Rights Azimuté
Bartol Azimuté
Dracula D Woods Azimuté
Ismablak Azimuté
KOSA Azimuté
Kalyope Dynasèia Azimuté
Skar Oole Azimuté
Sky X Azimuté
Xur Azimuté
Zyphero Azimuté
kibsou Azimuté
pexera Azimuté
Terror The Predator Azimuté Boss
xjaps Azimuté Founder
Didji Azimuté Guild Leader
Lobely Azimuté Manager
Ankkz Member
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