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The Dynasty Warriors
Dynasty Warriors started as a multigaming community in August 2003 with divisions for Diablo 2 and Savage. In the years following the community expanded towards UT2004, Guild Wars, World of Warcraft, Quake 4, Counter Strike and lots more.
Eventually only the Guild Wars division still existed, consisting of casual players. Most of these members have now moved to Guild Wars 2.
In Guild Wars 2 Dynasty Warriors offers a home to players of all experience levels and with interest in any and all aspects of the game. We offer weekly events like guild missions, raids, fractals, PvP, WvW, and more. This allows players to fully experience the game if they so desire.

A few requirements
  • Social attitude, we want players that want to play together with us, that are social in guild chat and on TeamSpeak
  • Knowledge about the game content and mechanics is a plus, but not necessary. We’re very open to teach new players as long as they are willing to learn
  • 18+ as a rule of thumb, this does not mean a 16 year old is not allowed in the guild but they should be warned that we do have a rather mature level in the guild. We do not want to shut up and watch what we say just because player X logged on or joined TeamSpeak

We never forget that there are real people behind the screen, respect towards one another is something we hold in high regard. It is worth mentioning that we do not tolerate sexism, racism or homo/transphobia. We are all gamers, no matter who we are or where we come from. A friendly and respectful attitude goes a long way.

Other info
  • You can find our website at
  • We have members from all over the world.
  • The guild consists of around 200 people
  • We host international guild meetings (2015 Belgium, 2014 Denmark & The Netherlands, 2013 Belgium, earlier years The Netherlands)

Join us
You can send in an application to join our guild on our website. We do this to try and get to know the people who want to join our guild, so we can get an idea if they’ll fit into the guild.
If you’re interested and looking for more information or have questions you can always contact one of our officers listed below.

Founder: CC (Cao Cao.3602)
Officers: Stranger (Lethal Stranger.5093), Kameara (Kameara.2095), Finessa (Foxtou.3489), Coiler (Coiler.5798), Seer (bsansam.8546)

Guild Roster

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Member Rank
DW Elena Adaal Commander
Airwipe Member
Baldurian Member
Baretta Member
Carimmehrez Member
Cataguan Member
Cold Member
Cyberke Member
Dendril Member
Deyada Member
Dynosnake Member
Evenstorm Member
Hellbeauty Member
I Am Dansker Member
I Am TestUser Member
Ice Lady Member
Illean Member
Kazan00z Member
Kerones Member
Kezides Member
Khanfur Member
Krexist Member
Lancelot Member
LemSip182 Member
Lord_Kamenov Member
Loá Member
Mahin Shin Member
Malyna Member
Meepsqueak Member
Mirraxus Member
Nian Member
Oh Gee Member
Orozar Member
Redrum Member
Refalm Member
Saturn Member
Se Member
Six Alvane Member
Tsorry Member
Webby Member
Zengara Member
chunyuqiong Member
i am testuser v3 Member
mistahcookie Member
nielser32 Member
notime Member
packetlss Member
winterweaver Member
CSeer DW Officer
DW Stranger Officer
Coilernl Officer (WvW representative)
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