How do i represent a specific guild?
Go to My Guilds
Go to the guild you want to represent
Press "Represent"

How do i Stand Down from a guild?
Same as above, except the "Represent" option is replaced with "Stand Down"

How often is the members of a guild updated?
Once every 30 minute, meaning any changes in game to a guild members guild status, can take up to 30 minutes to be visible on the website

Guild Management
Are you the proud owner of a guild on this website or want to be one? well here are some small tips/guides on how to do just that

How can i have my guild added to the website?
Go to the rest will be explained there (It is really simple, i promise!)

Does removing a guild member from the website, permanently remove them?
No, they will be added again once the website synchronizes with the API. Removing a guild member is only used if you for some reason or another want a guild member to no longer appear as being in your guild and cannot wait until the website synchronizes with the API

Guild Member Permissions
A number of permissions can be assigned to members of the guild

Permissions Overview

Edit GuildNoAllow a user to edit the guilds description, homepage link, recruitment link and refresh guild emblem
Remove MemberNoRemove a guild member manually from the guild on the website. Note that if this is not also performed in-game, the website will synchronize with the API and undo this at some point
Edit MemberNoPermission to edit a members permission
Delete GuildNoPermission to delete the guild from the website
Should only be given to the guild leader
Add VideoYesAllows a user to tag an uploaded video to the website as a guild video, making that video appear on your guild page and also show up with your guilds emblem in the thumbnail
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