Themes Customization

The site can be customized in many ways to your liking, by using the "Theme Options" menu in the top right of the page

Theme Color
The theme currently allow you to switch between 2 distinct color variations


Theme Variants
Everyone has their own preferences, as to how a website should appear, some like them white, some like them dark, others want a lot of contrast.
For this we have the Theme Variants.


Theme Width
Are you one of those people who like to use the whole screen?
If so, then you are in luck, because this site can be switched into full width mode

Switch Theme (Deprecated)  
The site also supports an older, no longer updated theme called "inferno"
You can use this theme if you want, however it is missing a lot of features and will not be available once the forum is updated to SMF 2.1 (might be a long time before that happens, as it is still in beta)

Inferno only has 2 options, blue or red

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