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Here on Far Shiverpeaks we have a Guild Council in order to make any decisions, it's open and democratic, the rules are laid out in our Guild Council Charter.  

We also have the 'service' teams of people helping out and providing services to the server with the website and the teamspeak server. If you'd like to help out with either of these then contact an admin / moderator and we'll get back to you.


Guild Council
Guild Rep Contact Details
Almost Harmless [AH] Tiru tony.9425
Armored Spearhead [echo] Nikko nikko.9527
Dynasty Warriors [DW] Coiler Coiler.5798
Far Shiverpeaks Guild [FSPG] Mirraxus Olecas.9430
Gotta Kill Em All [Kill] Bezainas Botinhas.2018
Kalevala [Kale] Nora Eleonora.3627
Sassari [RaW] Moustachman power unit.6725
Pug Representative Dudu Dudu.1972
Pug Representative Duro duro.4256


Service Team


Admin / Mod Contact Details Tasks
Admin Nora - Eleonora.3627 Support, Verification
Admin Bezainas - Botinhas.2018 Support, Verification
Developer - Contact if shit hits the fan Dansker - I Am Dansker.7105 Bot developement, Support
Moderator Bronkx - TheKiller.8640  
Moderator Digition Flux - Digition Flux.5097  
Moderator Dina Gives Stealth - DanielFromLwd.3698  
Moderator DocX - ZeDoc.1375  
Moderator Frog - Frog.8217  
Moderator M Klane - Morten Sorensen.6954  
Moderator Six Alvane - Turtlepoppet.5847  





We're dedicated to making Far Shiverpeaks one of the best Guild Wars 2 communities around so please if you need anything, feel free to get in touch with us either in game, through the website or TS.

- The FSP Team
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