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In order to shake some dust of our current community and pull people together, the Guild Council of FSP wish to create a new Community Guild with a fresh start and a more organized structure. This community guild will be a community guild not only based on FSP, but the linked server we have as well.

!! Guild Goals !!
#1 Fun events and reconnecting the community.
#2 Improving General Quality.
#3 Training up players interested in Scouting/Commanding.
#4 Communication channel through guilds, pugs, commanders.

Current rules of the Community Guild:

  • 1 month offline = kick
  • Any drama has to be handled outside of guild chat
  • Aim to improve
  • WvW should be your main game mode
  • Rules might change in the future
  • You have to be on FSP or the linked server.
Do you want to join the new Community Guild?
Normal membership: Contact a member of the Guild Council - you can find the list here: https://farshiverpeaks.com/index.php?page=team
Do you wish to join the Community Guild with your guild and gain a Guild Leader spot?: Join the Guild Council - you find the demands to gain a Guild Council seat here: https://farshiverpeaks.com/index.php?page=councilcharter

For more details - Look below:

- #1 Fun Events & Reconnecting the Community
•   Commanders from different guilds will organize events for the server.
•   The guilds that are part of the Community Guilds leadership will organize events during the week with the support from the other guilds in the Community Guild.
•   Encouraging people to join server meetings & Far Shiverpeaks forum.
•   Use the forum & Server meetings to discuss an important topic or problem that’s up for debate or discussion. We will also set agendas for the monthly meeting on the forum where the community can add their points to the list.

- #2 Improving General Quality

•   Theorycrafting through different guilds and agreeing on several builds & alternatives for the Community to use.
•   Guild Leaders / Representatives / General will teach & help people who are newer to the game (A way can be to record gameplay & show more skilled players).
•   Encourage each other to run the builds suggested by the guild.

- #3 Training up players interested in Scouting/Commanding
•   Getting more experienced Scouts to train people who are interested in scouting - how to build siege/report & defend/upgrade objectives.
•   Training commanders by having them shadow & follow experienced commanders to improve.

  Rank Setup in the Community Guild is as following:

The Dank - Dansker
  This leader will have no actual power or influence on decisions; he will only act if absolutely needed (drama, unacceptable kick etc).
Guild Leaders / Representatives
  Will during meetings discuss things from a written guild agenda that everyone will have access to see. These people will also be responsible for making an event calendar and make sure to rotate events between them.
  Self explanatory.
  Players that are interested in helping new players, running meta build, helping/supporting commanders, vocal on ts.
Battle Proven
  Knowledge of his class and know what to do, running a proper build.
  People in the process of improving.
Fresh Blood
  New member.

We reserve the right to update these terms and conditions at when needed.

Guild Roster

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Member Rank
Eleonora Leader
Ahn Member
Auro Member
Azero Member
Belgian Steel Member
BloS Omega Member
Carimmehrez Member
Chabo Member
Danne Member
Deasher Member
Demi Member
Dr Grass Member
Dukkedreng Member
Earthsea Member
Electra Jones Member
Elliot Member
Ephoraz Member
EyeContact Member
FreyaFL Member
Ghostly Member
Hansen9999 Member
Iscalda Member
Ixx Member
Jadeon Member
Jozo Member
Karrharim Member
Kattugglan Member
Khas Member
King Simbus Member
Konvekuk Member
Leeco Member
LordUga Member
LuBu Member
Madmancer Member
Mantuss Member
Milari Member
Mixek Member
Nawala Member
Nigra Member
Nymira Member
Olympia Fallen Member
Pashi Member
Pinkess Member
Piro Member
Ridd Member
Sha-X Member
Stagh Member
Stand Ur Ground Member
Stone Member
Tahluna Member
Tekkpriest Member
Torunn Thordottir Member
Tworu Member
UbaBuba Member
XS_Bart Member
Yoda Slam Member
Zarera Member
ZeroZeroSix Member
[3ntr0p14] Member
bambi Member
elandea Member
empresska Member
frankzz Member
handdoek Member
marcolinar Member
mussab Member
pbwrti Member
pelleossa Member
rayzier Member
spirotris Member
strugg Member
toli9 Member
weimen58 Member
wimmoll Member
zerownrage Member
zookie Member
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