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Inflicted [iNF] are an English speaking, semi hard-core guild that is looking to expand their roster. We are currently based on FSP.
•    Monday
•    Tuesday
•    Thursday
Starting at 7.30pm (Brexit time)
We are currently looking for VOCAL people that are able to speak during raids.

Classes that we are looking for are:
•    Scourge
•    Revenant
•    Scrapper

Being able to record is a bonus also. Other classes can apply as well so don’t be scared to contact.

For more information whisper
Ernzila.8560 or ernziLa#2893
Hushy.9530 or Hushy#1827

Guild Roster

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Member Rank
Atreyu Member
Baldur Member
CptSheesh Member
Delek Member
Duke Member
Ereiz Member
Hagalax Member
Hushy Member
Moira Member
Moustachman Member
Naz Member
Schotterpiste Member
[iNF] Jack Member
archon Member
ernzila Member
lightstreak365 Member
reeb Member
thalynnn Member
unrivalled123 Member
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