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The Zaishen Order
The Zaishen Order [TZO] is an international PvX guild formed in 2012 on the Far Shiverpeaks server. We pride ourself in being a tight knit guild, almost like a second family! Most of us are in our mid 20�s, so you will find a casual and relaxed environment where real life always take priority over the game !
We have a strong PvE focus and as such we are doing daily dungeon runs in the most popular dungeons (AC, CM, TA, SE, CoF, CoE and scheduled Arah runs in the weekend)

For the people interested in PvP, we have a handful of experienced players willing to teach new PvP players the ropes, for the more experienced players you will have like minded people to play with and you can get to help you and your fellow guildies hone your pvp skills

Our goal is to be a guild where you can actually get to know the people in the guild, aswell as making sure you always got someone there for you (probably why we made this recruitment post ^^ ) . We are always trying to have fun while playing the game, so we are usually hanging out on teamspeak for that very reason

We are looking for both new and experienced players to join our family, casuals and hardcores alike to help us rebuild The Zaishen Order to it�s former glory! We are currently not looking to mass recruit people, instead we are keeping a natural flow of recruit(s) into the guild so they can fully integrate into the guild before 10 john/jane doe(s) take their place. If you are looking for a casual, friendly and family oriented guild which always take real life priorities over the game, then this is the place for you!

Our name origins from the lore of the GW universe, The Zaishen Order is the guild which are dedicated to support the one true god, Balthazar! 250 year�s ago we held tournaments to honour our god of war and fire and we protected holy places. We used to be one of the largest guilds in the world while we held sway over the battle isles, the guild halls and protected Tyria against the forces of darkness. However, during the awakening of the dragons; Our home, Cantha, The battle isles, husbands, wifes, children, almost everything we held dear was lost, everything but our hope and will to survive�

250 years later we are now trying to rebuild the order in a new land, but the same old darkness is once again threatening our very existence� Do you have what it takes to take up arms against this threat we face? Report to your closest zaishen recruiter.

What can you expect from us?   
- A friendly atmosphere
- A community of helpful and experienced members
- Relaxed guild runs while still being efficient (depends on the alcohol consumption level)
- Weekly guild missions (Sunday�s at 16.00 CEST)
- Guild Website and Forum
- Worship of Balthazar, Ikea and mooses.
- Fellow GW1 players
- Our very own teamspeak 3 channel
- A gaming community, are you tired of playing GW2? Then why not join some of your guildies in games such as GTA V or Tera for example
- A guild with a casual and semi hardcore people
- 10-20 people online during the EU prime hours
- A fully upgraded guild with buff(s) running 24/7
- A place where your voice will be heard, do you have any suggestions or complaints? It will be taken seriously even if you are a brand new recruit or a veteran member
- Random fun events

What do we expect from you?   
- Mature and friendly attitude
- Representation in PvE and PvP, we do allow you to represent your own personal bank guild or WvW guilds since we do not offer raids in WvW.
- Common sense
- Be able to speak English (if you made it this far, I guess you passed )
- As a trial member we expect you to log in during the 2 week trial period, after the trial period we take a more casual approach and you get to have more leeway in terms of activity.
- Be able to listen to advice, even if we are a casual guild we are trying to provide an efficient way of doing event(s)/dungeons together
- We highly recommend you to install teamspeak 3 and hang out with us!

TZO is a guild who worship Balthazar and the most majestic animal in Tyria, Mooses. How do we do that? simple:  We arrange in game weddings at our god's place of worship while in moose form.

Interested in joining? or would you like to have a chat in game? contact: Theskaar.9586  
Or send "Kris" a pm on this site :)

Guild Roster

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Anak General
Kris Leader
Azunay Member
Beleq Member
Corithar Member
CruentaDraco Member
Davis Hill Member
Dreamlol Member
Flipflop Member
Khim Member
ManIsBlack Member
Mithrandir Member
Muhandias Member
Pandorah Member
Sab Member
SkySpy Member
Solarice Member
Toxilo Member
Trinea Member
Xyros Member
Zebbugi Member
Zynn Member
dissex94 Member
liamq Member
madameMissclick Member
rovin Member
yaikai Member
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