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Hello everyone!
We are Bloodstone Keepers [BloS], a PvX italian guild (on Far Shiverpeaks) playing since the headstart with several people from GW and others MMO and we’re here to give you and idea of who we are.

In the past we used to be a big guild (always capped at 500 members), to accept everyone but obviously not knowing every single person, but about a year ago we formed a real community and changed our numbers to become a guild were everyone feel at home.

We accept everyone (italian speaking) who wants to be part of something, not just a number in a large guild LFG-like, but consider that most of us are workers and online after 20 CET, in fact every event and GM will be at around 21 CET.

We have a wide range of players, from the one who started yesterday to those who complete every achievement in the game and we’d like to help anyone who wants to grow into the game as long as he wants to be part of the existing group.

We offer a guild hall (maxed at level 69) with every upgrade, guild missions and all boosts unlocked, a fully functional website, an 80-slot teamspeak server, a facebook page and a steam group.

Join Us

If you want to join us and have more information, just visit our website ( or contact me in game via mail (Kronos.3695).

We're just waiting for you!

Guild Roster

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Member Rank
Kronos Leader
Adam Roshan Member
Amstor Member
Bacco Member
BloS Omega Member
Eledh Member
Gamygyn Member
Hurlak simon Member
Il Dottore Member
Innominato Member
Lord.Elessedil Member
Thalion Member
Tiferet Member
[3ntr0p14] Member
datRoy Member
jonh_lemon23 Member
pelleossa Member
thelardir Member
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