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Army of Albion started life in 2007. We consist of a mix of English speaking European players 18+. We have played a few different MMO's together and have had success and a lot of fun in both PvP and PvE. Playing Guild Wars 2 since the beta, we aim to provide a laidback and casual environment for World PvP, Structured PvP and PvE.

*Understand and speak english
*Teamspeak installed
*Show up to Scheduled PvP and Events that you have signed up for
*Respect your fellow Guildies
*Respect RP even if you do not wish to actively participate.
*Name your characters appropriately. We will not have "Roflskywalkerlegolad" etc. in guild

*World PvP, WvWvW. Small groups and Large Zergs.
*Organized Structured PvP
*Dungeon runs
*Questings / Exploring
*Spontaneous acts of Roleplay
*Other fun activities and events

If you want to join contact: Hylo (Memphisjz.1405)

Guild Roster

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Member Rank
Hylo Hammerswing Guild Leader
Amelia Member
Artazz Member
Bloodycallig Member
Brewbeer Member
Crold Member
Darth Fedor Member
Eclipse.6978 Member
Fellinus Member
Guttelurv Member
Hylianth Member
Jowick Member
LADY Member
Neji_Dantes Member
Proxie Member
RosieVasGlade Member
Torinthur Member
WesleyOO7 Member
Wimp Member
Winston Todge Member
Xantalas Member
ijshut Member
lyssa Member
mike106 Member
mrkkucera Member
razak Member
southbound Member
torumees0 Member
zaxxo1990 Member
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