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Guild of Tweakers is a Dutch/Belgian community founded by people who where actively discussing Guild Wars 2 before it was released on a Dutch tech site called Tweakers. Even though we carry the name of the website and are mentioned on it, non of our leading members are in any way part of and have no direct connection to them.

We are a casual PvX guild consisting of over 300 active players. Despite being a casual guild we don't let it hold us back, we play Guild Wars 2 as serious as we want it to and in order to accomplish that we organize trainings for every aspect of the game, from PvE gearing to PvP setups and tactical WvW training. Though, if people only want to sit back, kill rabbits and relax they will find a place in GoT aswell.


We have events for every aspect of the game, to name just a few:

Guild missions
WvW events
Dungeon/fractals runs
Monthly in-game guild meetings

GoT Goes...

GoT Goes Jumping, GoT skills? & GoT Goes IRL. These are just a few examples of some recent "special" events.
Note: not all our events are called GoT Goes.
We constantly try to come up with new ideas to bring some variation and life to our regular events.


We don't recruit heavily because we believe that the best community is built when people want to join themselves as they see the guild as a strong community and good organisation, not because the guild spams in Lions Arch map chat (or anywhere else for that matter). This still works great for us and we are very proud of the community we have built so far, yet we always welcome new players to join our community.

What can we offer you?

A great community
Very active site/forum
Teamspeak server (no lag) which is actively used throughout the day (and night)
Multiple events spread out over every aspect of Guild Wars 2
Good organisation which keeps it's entire community involved
Help in learning everything about Guild Wars 2


Only one, being able to understand & speak the Dutch language.

Guild Roster

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Member Rank
Avionair Member
Calia Member
Coilernl Member
Coldie Member
Dio Member
Duis Ternis Member
ERMAHGERD,1432 Member
El Do Member
Foxxer Member
Gaby Member
Gandogar Member
Ghost Member
Ghosttje Member
Glozellan Member
GoT Yakuza Member
Gronch Member
Grutte Member
Jop Member
Jurrit Member
Kalton Member
Niekjuh Member
ReMarkable Member
Renegade Member
RicardoLans Member
Schandknaapje Member
SiliconBased Member
St. Jerome Member
Xioros Member
ZjosDK Member
bumbelbie1981 Member
darkdragon Member
darkeretik Member
devos50 Member
section Member
sjeppski Member
Aragoma Officer
Misterieus Officer
Saem Officer
Stroopwaffel Officer
Zo Officer
darkpenguins Officer
Xray Wvw Commander
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