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Far Shiverpeaks Guild
FSPG is the server guild, it's aim is to provide server wide chat, maintain a siege bank available to commanders on FSP, and also run a small training program for new WvW players who would like to improve their gameplay, this is not a requirement but the help is available if needed.

We have very minimal requirements for membership. Basically you must currently be playing on FSP and that's about it. As long as you follow our very simple rules which are available on our site @ fspguild.com then you should be fine :)

Training Schedule
Wednesday (19:00-22:00) GMT

There are no representation requirements, it would be nice if members on training nights would represent us but this is not a requirement. You are of course free to represent us and use it as a main guild if you like, many members choose to do this and you'll definitely find some tagged up guildies in WvW.

The bank can be accessed by both FSP Scouts & Commanders and provides free siege, thanks to generous donations from FSP players. For more information about this, please contact an officer, we regularly add commanders that we follow in WvW to the correct rank but we don't cover 24x7 so you may need to give us a poke if you want access.

Why Join?
FSP Players, Scouts & Commanders - to use server WvW chat, get calls for help in WvW, find commanders to follow, usage of the siege bank and generally to be part of FSP WvW as a whole. Guild chat works both in and out of WvW so if you're mooching around in PvE the guild chat can let you know if there's something more interesting going on in WvW that you may want to jump in on!

Check out our guild page @ fspguild.com for more information about us and some general help with the builds we run on FSP to get you started :)

Guild Roster

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Member Rank
Eleonora Guild leader
Kelah High Council
Svhea High Council
Wafalls High Council
inadees High Council
notimik High Council
Agatha Member
Alex Member
Ali Baba I Member
Alinja Ija Member
Amelia Member
Andra Member
Angel Je Ling Member
Angriss Member
ArcticGhost Member
Asteri0n Member
Atriuna Member
AtzaMan Member
Avelia Member
Azero Member
Baido Member
Bartolomew Member
Belgian Steel Member
Big Daddy Swag Member
BoltAxion Member
Bora Member
Bug Smasher Member
Calilta Member
CaptainSamo Member
Celfinn Member
Cellebo Member
ChartFish Member
Constant Pi Member
Conzor Member
Corithar Member
Curly Member
Curse Member
DW Elena Adaal Member
Dane Member
Daniel Member
Desty Member
Dhul Member
DjLynx Member
Dome Member
Dragonce Member
Duja Member
Dylsss Member
Edoras Member
Elros Member
EmilyLiff Member
Emperor Cain Member
Enadeag Member
Endishel Member
Eva Slack Off Member
FENIU Member
Fearless Member
Feisia Member
Fira Member
Fluffy McBuffington Member
Flyperd Member
Fnnish Khan Member
FreyaFL Member
Fryyzza Member
FusRoYay Member
Gaberen Member
Gabriel Member
Ganondolf Member
Ghork Member
Ghostly Member
Googly Member
Grey Incanter Member
H3x Member
Habibi Member
Hammer Bam Member
He Hinky Member
Homer Member
Humn Member
Inicha Member
Innominato Member
Isorahisa Member
J A Z Z Member
JPUlisses Member
Jabari Member
JanX2 Member
Jean-Pierre Member
Jiemo Member
Jolke Member
Jozo Member
Jurrit Member
J├╝rgen Member
Kabakushi Member
Kaja Member
Kalhaos Member
Kallysy Member
Kazu Member
Keeper_Of_Da_Cookie Member
Kerberas Member
Khas Member
Kikkihiiri Member
King Simbus Member
KouseBliksem Member
Kronos Member
Kruppah Member
Kyin Member
Kyng Member
LaureWynter Member
Lauren Member
Leandra Member
Lerak Member
LillAnnCL Member
Little Dark Lord Member
Locolicious Member
Lord_Kamenov Member
M Klane Member
Malbidion Member
Megatron Member
Meilen Member
Mexx Member
Mictanium Member
Mixek Member
Mixi Member
Moore Member
Mystyga Member
Naz Member
Nefy Member
Nexterror Member
Nhougati Member
NoxArnix Member
Nummia.7843 Member
Odeith Member
Odo Member
Oh Gee Member
Omax Member
Optimus Prime H Member
Orisema Member
Oryas Member
PH03N1X Member
Pale Paws Member
Pashi Member
Phrux But Call Me Arten Member
Pinelynx Member
PinguVonGlouglou Member
Piro Member
Poeksel Member
Polly Member
Presac Member
PuLoX Member
Pug Hero Member
Q-ho Member
Qrakan Member
Raenova Member
RainbowCrapinUnicorn.9508 Member
Ralluv Member
Rasfar Member
Rawwbin Member
Rentix Member
Riika Wolfsblad Member
Rnaat Member
Ryuankh Member
Searcher Fire Member
Setsuno Member
Sha-X Member
Shambles Member
Shirokuma Member
Sinal Member
Size Member
Skull55 Member
Skyttles Member
Smao Member
Sn218 Member
Snick Member
Snowburny Member
Sqiid Member
SteakEight Member
Stenqvist Member
Tareia Member
TehTiger Member
Teops Member
The Iceland Queen Member
Toke.1267 Member
Tookiilo Member
TopSize Member
Torunn Thordottir Member
Trebbis Member
Trendafilov Member
Tshik Member
UbaBuba Member
UndeadSoldier Member
Valar Valar Member
Vengful Member
Vexa Member
Victorius Member
Vincent Vega Member
Whooo Member
Wreckreation Member
Xantalas Member
Xionema Member
Yoda Slam Member
Yuukon Member
Zab Member
Zalem Member
Zaza Member
Zeph0_0 Member
ZeroZeroSix Member
Zerodigit Member
Zhero Member
[NLT] zyno Member
[So] Talvani Member
antonio Member
arcador Member
ariya Member
armento Member
balckbird7star Member
baseendje Member
beehive Member
berich Member
beshoybartous Member
bluntman24 Member
clabbekongo Member
cloudwoman Member
crimsun Member
darkeretik Member
dataerik Member
dead B O M B Member
detgar Member
dffd Member
dreadfulgeorge Member
drop Member
elnegro Member
enoxon Member
frankzz Member
funkie monkey Member
gloflop Member
grim dan Member
gulash Member
handdoek Member
hygen Member
i am here again Member
ibiZa Member
icetears Member
icywinds Member
jack_mcdan Member
jefferyxx Member
kiking.2609 Member
laeta Member
lallal Member
majup Member
marcoseni Member
mato1825 Member
mihawk Member
millcroft Member
mimii Member
mirado Member
mondbluemchen Member
monii Member
moreteoss Member
morpheuzlal Member
narova Member
nmolesworth.6407 Member
oOParkerOo Member
ofek Member
pelleossa Member
penx Member
redart Member
redthax Member
relikka Member
samanosuke Member
santino98 Member
sethi Member
skatettb Member
southbound Member
spirotris Member
storm Member
stronghammer Member
strugg Member
talavis Member
tonttu boy Member
urmama Member
vadania Member
voorwaarts Member
weimen58 Member
withard Member
xito Member
zaxxo1990 Member
Lokar Yakslapper Veteran
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