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Kalevala got founded in August 2012 as a Finnish only guild. In the beginning of 2013 we turned into an international guild that focuses on Word vs World and we have been fighting for Far Shiverpeaks ever since the day we were founded.

We are a semi - hardcore raiding guild. During our raids we like to have fun our our TS, do some quizzes and tell horrible jokes. While doing so we still aim to get the best out of all our raids and keep improving.

We ask from our members:
- Age: 18 or older.
- Represent us as your main guild (80%+ of your online time).
- TS3 usage + having a mic to make call outs.
- Use the builds we provide.
- Join raids when you are online (minimum of 2 a week).
- Willingness to improve! It's not a big problem if you don't have much experience in WvW raids as long as you want and have time to work with us to improve.

What we offer:
- A nice, friendly, slightly crazy and helpful community.
- 5 raids a week (3 during summer).
- Own forum + TS server.
- Builds

For more info and questions feel free to mail or pm me in-game.
I Am Eleonora (Eleonora.3627)
Guild leader of Kale

Footage from some fights during raids.

Fights during our closed raid - [Kale] + [XT] vs [DAWN] + [EXE] - Footage of our open Christmas raid in EB.

Guild Roster

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Member Rank
Pottusalaatti Guild Elder
Wartna Guild Elder
Eleonora Leader
ArcticGhost Member
Calilta Member
DW Elena Adaal Member
Domares Member
Elros Member
Enadeag Member
Fets Member
Fnnish Khan Member
Frog Member
Gwannyn Member
Hildirdys Member
Háuru Member
Karrharim Member
Kazu Member
Konvekuk Member
Leandra Member
Rome Member
Sha-X Member
Shirokuma Member
Smao Member
Stagh Member
Vipex Member
Viviyenn Member
Zab Member
Zizulaki Member
clabbekongo Member
handdoek Member
markidiamondz Member
mirado Member
skatettb Member
vadania Member
vuurvlammetje Member
wimmoll Member
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