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Red Savage
Red Savage [RsG]

~★ WE OFFER ★~
* Open Tag
* Closed Raids (also small-scale raids)
* Roaming
* Later on we'll also offer weekly GvGs in OS/Guild Hall
When no GvGs are planned:
* Raiding
* Multiple types of training
   - inhouse scrims
   - training of individual skill level
* Private training in borders

* When raiding; Join Discord, Join Squad, be vocal, play your main class on Guild Build.
* Online = You’re Raiding! offline mode does not count. If time off is needed, talk to the leader.
* Be vocal about thoughts and ideas - not a demand but preferred.
* Sign up for raid

Goldi - goldibird.6375
- Msg for invite

- Full cooperation and commitment.
- Behave and respect everyone.
- Members are only expected to represent the guild during events.
- Unannounced absence for longer than two weeks will force your position in the guild to be re-evaluated.
- Members need to be able to follow our schedule depending of amount of raids. (1 raid less than full amount of weekly raids)
- New members should be active on Discord to help integrate with long term members.
- New members will - upon joining - enter the Trial phase; A two-week period where we determine if the person is a good addition to the guild. The trial period can be shortened or extended in some cases.
- We encourage our members to record their gameplay. This is not a demand, but it will help improving your own gameplay.
- Frequent AFK'ing during events is not acceptable.

- No disruption to communication during serious play.
- Treat guests with respect and try to make new members feel welcome.
- Members are expected to be active on Discord. Try to follow daily and don't hesitate to join in on discussions.

Guild Roster

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Member Rank
Goldi Guild Leader
Aziel Bloodlust Member
Carimmehrez Member
Emptywords Member
Gaberen Member
Itz Cokeine Member
Kleey Member
Loku Member
Malphas Member
Marty Member
Unssi Member
Vetras Member
clabbekongo Member
narova Member
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