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Ruthless Termination
Ruthless Termination [RT]

Semi Hardcore WvW guild focused on creating fun team play on a competitive level with the additions of TS access, builds, training and a family like community.

We aim to create a team willing to work together and compete with top tier guilds. To achieve this we expect current and potential players to be open minded and have a willingness to test out new ideas and compositions. We also want to create an atmosphere of respect were members respect each other and the raid leaders.

We are constantly improving ourselves going off some of the toughest guilds across the servers we fight and we strive to keep on improving till we reach the top. During our off-times we like to have fun and chill with each others by just doing other activities together as a guild and just generally having a good laugh. We are not a negative thinking guild and we try our best to keep our spirits high and the loot to gold caliber.

Our Current Raid Days:


-Sometimes additional days can be added for specific reasons so do that bear that in mind that this is not always set and stone.


-Show up on time to raids
-Run required build
-TS usage and making relevant call-outs

We do have a trial-like system were we expect you to show up during raids at least 3x to be considered a full-member, we give a reasonable time for this to be completed and it's fairly simple.

Make sure to apply if you are interested in getting into the guild at Or send a mail in-game to either:

Classes that are preferable but are not limited to these:

Rest of the classes not listed are not as essential but we can look into them if they are what you are good at.

Thanks for having a look and see you in combat,

Guild Roster

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Member Rank
Digition Flux Arnold
Rome Arnold
dudu.freddie Leader
BeJay Member
Begas Member
Celtic Member
Ciliana Member
Clarky Member
Dome Member
Hazama Member
Jameel Member
Karrharim Member
Lucky Member
Nekat Member
Rockwell Member
Ruso Member
SiVo Member
Stand Ur Ground Member
Sâitô Member
Tajson999 Member
Treliss Member
Veninum Member
Zandriak Member
[So] Talvani Member
dudu.1982 Member
Flavia Officer
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