[So] Shellfish is an international WvW guild focused on having fun and good fights currently settled on Far Shiverpeaks/EU.

The guild was started from a small group of players that were tired of feeling the WvW raid like a second job: GW2 is a game and we want to have fun! Everyone in our core group share this feeling and we want to grow the guild by recruiting like-minded players: we want you to represent [So] because you enjoy playing with your guildmates and – of course – have challenging fights in WvW.

What are we looking for?
We are looking for players that want to enjoy WvW in a group and have lots of good fights and fun.Voice comms are required. We don’t have strict age requirements, but maturity (as in: being able to behave as an adult) is a requirement.

What can we offer?
A nice, relaxed and fun environment and one of the most focused groups you’ll ever find, when we start to fight. Sounds impossible? Check our awesome fights and our silly moments on Youtube or just try us! Ask one of the leaders, join TS and tag along during our raids!

- We like theorycrafting and testing out stuff.
- We DON’T like drama: we are adults and we can sort out our problems like adults.
- We’re not much into PVE, but we’re sacrificing ourselves to level up the Guild Hall.
- A few players in [So] are really into tPVP as well.

Look at our website to apply!

Guild Roster

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Member Rank
caos_danzante Guild Leader
Lego Leader
Ali Member
Arukah Member
GhettoGuardian Member
Graywing Member
Haldthin Member
Jappie Member
Liliael Member
Lord Saku Member
Monkie Member
Nivi Member
Plantlife Member
Rodyan Member
Sinner Member
Skyller Lee Member
Thaleena Member
Vipex Member
WildBloodly Member
evilsantaclauus Member
fakespin Member
johnny Member
sbi Member
thanatos Member
thom Member
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