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Superior Complexity
Originally founded in the summer of 2006 in Guild Wars Prophecies under the name of The Architects [HeRo], [SC] has always been  focused on the people inside the game. In Guild Wars 2 we are involved in all areas and building our PvP Guild Teams, WvW Guild Raids & PvE Guild Raids.
We are focused on building our community and are recruiting people from all walks of life to enjoy the game together and build a welcoming, enjoyable and knowledgeable guild together.
200+ active members.
Guild Hall with all Buffs unlocked.
Respectful & Welcoming
Dungeons & Fractals Experts
WvW Roaming and Raiding squads.
PvP Guild Teams.
PvE Organised Guild Raids.

Guild Roster

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Member Rank
Emperor Cain Leader
AceBunny Member
Alex of Ebonhawke Member
Arqantos Member
Ashu Member
Barry Raven Member
Blink Member
Bluei Member
Bora Member
Chi Eko Saseke Member
Chyno Member
CookieZ Member
Davda Member
Dirakaal Member
Dr Grass Member
Feydan Member
Fox939 Member
Geary Gald Member
Hanakocz Member
Ian Guarding Member
Imabest Member
JPUlisses Member
Jameel Member
Kiki Member
Merg Member
Mictanium Member
Optimus Prime H Member
Robcy Member
RobcyYy Member
Scully Member
Stenqvist Member
Sylrios Member
Winther Member
Zozamex Member
antonio Member
ballz Member
dataerik Member
h0tWalker Member
lallal Member
majup Member
monii Member
storm Member
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