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Yaks Only Live Once
Info about the Guild:
-Leader: Bronkx

-Members: 100+

-We was start the guild in WSR at 2012 and 2+ month ago we came to FSP to Stay here and to make it as our own home :)

-We are an Family and we do care about anther people and to help people in any case and with any way that we can :)

-We are trying as hard as we can to train to be better and stronger in FSP and also as guild to be United and have fun together as much as possible with out any Hard Core rules or such kind.

-My vision is to be ayble to invited alot more people to the guild and ofc WvW people that our server will be ayble to enjoy an 3 Maps Guild Raid by YOLO with my Members of Commanders, we are in Training mode, we do have lots of Mistakes i wont lie about it and we do wanna to train as hard as we can to be better and united.

-Right now sometimes you can see that we can have Raids with 40+ people of only YOLO, i do like it but it not cool for the enemy, so it wasnt my plane from start my plane is to be ayble to learn my members that wanna learn to lead and be commander and to splite our numbers to difrent maps and to raid on every map by 20 people ish on every map, we already do ahve people who wanna learn and to be better we just wait for you all to join us and to make the server Strong and united

Guild Roster

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Member Rank
Bronkx Leader
1osen Member
Arahzor Bloodblade Member
Barry Raven Member
Bartolomew Member
Bloodstag Member
Bora Member
Celfinn Member
Centauri Member
ChrisGR Member
DrFelis Member
DrStr Member
Eris Member
Flegmaatikko Member
Gabriel Member
Inicha Member
Ixx Member
Jozo Member
Katzenfischer Member
Lew Caris Member
Lmag Member
Mystarian Member
Náómí Member
Pollux Member
Ripridin1 Member
Senap Member
Skull55 Member
Sparaix Member
Stefan55 Member
Sushicat Member
Tokikaju Member
Vengful Member
Yeah Its Pretty Lit Member
ZeroZeroSix Member
busia87 Member
funkie monkey Member
hayzon Member
infrequentia Member
shroom Member
spotoo Member
storm Member
weimen58 Member
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