Yaks Only Live Once
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Yaks Only Live Once
Info about the Guild:
-Leader: Bronkx

-Members: 100+

-Yaks Only Live Once ,got founded in September 2012.
-On the Start we were at WSR and in 2016 we came to FSP and sincse then we didnt leave FSP.
-We are WvW guild more fucos on GVB (Guild vs Blob) and GVG (Unplaned).
-We having uselly Raids every 2 days with Builds of our own.
-We aint cursing one anther or anther people or flaming, we only making it as fun prossess and playtime toghter, with Joke and Killing Blobs and guilds in the Prosess of wvw fights.

-We ask from our members:
-Represent the guild in WvW Maps allways.
-Having a Ts and to use it on Raids.
- Use the builds we provide.
- Join raids when you are online
(If you offline and have Life, Wife,Kids,Husband,Work,etc , you dont have to join as long you offline).

What we offer:
-Freindly people and some quite Crazy as hell :)
-Raids every 2 days.
-Own FaceBook Page+Discord+Ts channel+Youtube Channel+Arena(in guild hall)

for more info Pm me in game at:

Guild Roster

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Member Rank
Bronkx Leader
1osen Member
Arahzor Bloodblade Member
Ashu Member
Azzam Member
Barry Raven Member
Bartolomew Member
Bloodstag Member
Bora Member
Centauri Member
DerBasti Member
Doc Nano Member
DrFelis Member
Eris Member
Flegmaatikko Member
Gabriel Member
Gh0st Member
Inicha Member
Jozo Member
Kamirai Member
Katzenfischer Member
Lew Caris Member
Lmag Member
Lucas Member
Mixek Member
Mystarian Member
Pollux Member
Quubi Member
Rage Overkill Member
Ripridin1 Member
Skull55 Member
Sparaix Member
Stefan55 Member
Tokikaju Member
Vengful Member
Yeah Its Pretty Lit Member
ZeroZeroSix Member
berich Member
busia87 Member
funkie monkey Member
hayzon Member
infrequentia Member
relikka Member
shroom Member
spotoo Member
storm Member
weimen58 Member
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