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Issues & Enquiries / Re: Report progress
« on: February 04, 2017, 13:35:34 »
Most of it looks fine imo

Reports were made for abusive language and troll reports. The thing with reporting posts is not to be used in the sense of: I disagree with this person or: I don't like this person.
Then i need to ask why some people can go over the line (rules) and don't get warning while someone gets the warning continuely and i even made a thread (when i was admin) that those warning are out of control. And i would believe that those warnings are still out of control ?

If we go for the rules strictly, then some people should get their warning as well, because their language or attitudes are not acceptable.
I mean, you started to punish people now and i don't see any actions against other people yet. Only what i can figure out - it's only the same person who get punished.

I made a report now - what will you do now?

I just gonna say about my situation.
Yes, it's true. I am kind of inactive because my working schedule moved to later workshift until 31th december. That means i am home at 21:00 (my timezone CET) und barely have any interest to "work" in my less freetime for something that is called to manage the salty spreading every day here on FSP.
I can say you, i'm not gonna stay as admin because: no interest to manage the kindergarten.

Merry X-Mas!

hehe didnt know that we head an FB Gruop lol,, well that nice ty
It's Stand-Alone project. The admin crew of FSP are not responsible for that.

Smacktalk! / Re: New Video of yolo Fights <3
« on: November 12, 2016, 12:25:51 »
You can alway re-name the thread into "better topic title". Something like "Reset/Commanding filmed by Bronkx"
Your guild videos you can add in your guild panel also if you need the seperation.

Like i said above, you can re-name the thread everytime. For example if you've new video.
But you can always make new thread if you think it's needed and completely different from this thread. I merged the topics because for me they were just similar.

Smacktalk! / Re: New Video of yolo Fights <3
« on: November 12, 2016, 11:43:04 »
I just merged all Video topics of Bronkx.
Would be nice if you post every next videos here ;) Just edit your starter post, put the link and small description in there. Then you've overview of all your videos and we don't run into new threads for each video^^

Issues & Enquiries / Re: api key verification problem
« on: October 20, 2016, 20:21:49 »
Hello, im trying to get full access, but when i enter my api key (with all permissions) i get an error message that says i need a lvl 80 character to join. What can i do? (obviously i already have a lvl 80 char :| )

How did you name your API key ? If you don't do like in the guide, then there might be problems with the full verification. Make sure it's called:
The XXXX is string(key) what you need to name. Your XXXX you can find HERE.

Website Announcements / TS Clean-Up (23.9) & Maintenance (24-25.9)
« on: September 17, 2016, 13:44:26 »
Hello FSP & linked World reader!

We've to announce 2 points which are important to everyone:

TS-Clean up:
First of all we're planing to clean up the Teamspeak, especially the channels. We want to bring more structure and clear overwiew in teamspeak while to erase dead channel. We already made the list of channels which are inactive since older 7 or more days, so we can monitor which channels become suddenly active before we delete the channels.

The clean-up will start in the evening at friday before the reset starts -> 23.9.2016!

Emergency Maintenance:
Due the massive lag increase in the past days, the admin (Alwies and me) are planing to do a emergency maintenance and try to rebuild the TS-server. We're still monitoring why we've such massive laggs, especially when the hardware power (CPU, ram, ...) got increased on friday and it became more laggy in the unlogical way.
For the time during the maintenance, the FSP server is NOT usable and please use the KALE-Ts (from Nora) meanwhile! She is informed and you are allowed to use the Teamspeak of KALE!


The Maintenance begins at sunday, 18.9.2016!! maybe the monday included.


EDIT-18.09.2016: The maintenance will be postponed to next weekend, 24-25.9.2016. There are new setting which we want to test out for next friday since the friday is mostly the only day that creates heavy lagg issues. Your help is welcome too! If you track some high packet loss or lag issue, then note the date & time when it happened and send the information to us (Alwies , Turtle).

We removed all avatars and disabled the re-upload for functional increasing of fsp server.

Best regards,

Admin team

Issues & Enquiries / Re: Guild Wars 2 Research
« on: May 01, 2016, 21:37:06 »
Just one thing - why only female? ;D

Issues & Enquiries / Re: Acc Transfer + Possible guild creation
« on: April 12, 2016, 14:06:41 »
Hey man!

You can join FSP whenever you want. Gates and doors are open for friendly minded player. And it would be really cool, if some of ur server mates are interested to join FSP too. We're lacking on numbers like you can see at our WvW ticks out of primetime ^^
Of course, you can make ur own guild on FSP! Nobody will stop you with that ;)

The thing with "less commander experience" is not problem. We've solid commanders who plays during primetime for zerg leading.
But if you have a tag, then don't be afraid to tag up as "Havoc/Scout" commander. People need to see 1 tag and then some guys will follow and you can flip objectives with them ;)

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