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as long it isnt in Forum or in Ts, we cannot do anything about that Subject....

Smacktalk! / Re: bronkx being rude to RT
« on: May 05, 2018, 10:30:42 »
you saying a lot of shit about my guild and attacking my members like this a lot do you tihnk cus you get admin you can do shiit with me ? man you gonna just hurt your self :) not gonna say much just be careful :)

What i saying in game have no Conflicte to the TS or Forum......
There is Democrasy at the Game ......

as long as i dont say that stuff here or in Ts while im in any channel that ok by the Rules of TS+Forum....
Im not Admin of Anet.... or GW2
only Admin in Ts+Forum...

Smacktalk! / Re: [GvG] Contact People
« on: May 03, 2018, 15:34:56 »
-.- thread is over 2 years old Bronkx .. xD
ah dam im noob////

Smacktalk! / Re: bronkx being retared
« on: May 03, 2018, 15:33:54 »
I didn't know at the time that a commander tag on teamspeak gave you permissions. Monty was talking because we were having fights, that's why I whispered you ingame, I didn't want to interrupt him. I don't understand why you found pressing 2 buttons such a horrific task that you had to ego whisper me and Monty... I bet you were suuuuuuper busy editing your guild "raids" for youtube:))
1. I did it anyway after about 1m... cuse that my Job as well like Monty.
2. you cn ask monty Belive me if he is your Guild LEeader he wont curse you or Flame you or beat you up if you will ask him.
3.I wanna to make a point that it is everyone Job to give verfication and not just the Admins.....
That all to it....

P.S: and as i saied i were busy with Work....
It called semi AFK

Smacktalk! / Re: [GvG] Contact People
« on: May 03, 2018, 10:34:48 »
Yaks Only Live Once [YOLO] - Bronkx

Smacktalk! / Re: bronkx being retared
« on: May 03, 2018, 10:32:39 »

Esther . i have the feeling you didnt understend the problem from my point of view.
I ment that in that specified sitation, it was that Monty was online in TS and his member that ask me the verification were at that same time on his channel and out of respect and also Monty as i saied before, he is Commander Tag +Guild Leader and with that he can give verification just like i do. And with that i ment that he coulde do it him self because that also his job and also mine. In the end i did give his member verification because it is also my job and also Monty.
And if Monty do not wanna give verifications to anther let alone to his members by him self when he were available
At the Team Speak..

Smacktalk! / Re: bronkx being retared
« on: May 03, 2018, 06:16:27 »
why even bronkx admin being rude to my guild. he the think he is god or something ? bronkx admin is big mistake next time you text me like this you gonna get blocked

got the same Picture from my Point of view:

And i wasnt rude, more like trying to open your Minde that you have a Responsbilty as COmmander tag+Guild Leader Tag, and you give no premsstions to people who with you on the same Channel on your Guild channel+ they your Members , and they whisper me and telling me cuse i wanna a reason to tlak to you, and what he wanna to tlak to me about "to give me verfication".
This is just Rude from you Monty, you have Members on your Guild and they on your corect Channel in the same time as you +you are not AFK bothe of you werent even Muted so you coulde hear one anther, and yet your members asking me for verfications, insted to ask from you.... It is your Job as well to Give Verification. and if you tell me it isnt . Im pretty sure you dont need COmmander Tag on TS+ Guild Leader on TS......
When my Members asking for verification if they do not have an unlimited Verfication by the website , i give them my self when they PM me.
If im Offline or AFK , then yes they ask someone else for that.
But you werent nither :
3.and he were in the same channel as you......

This just have 0 sense in that metter......
I see somthing wrong i do tell me Honest opining about it.
about you made your mistake when you desided that you can slack and not help your Own guild members........

Issues & Enquiries / Re: API reset
« on: April 14, 2018, 21:34:45 »

im running into the same issue after PC swap. There is no way to get my old TS iden. back.
 Any advice how to handel that situation?
error message:

GW2 Account "" is already in use by another user. If you believe this to be a mistake, please contact an admin
if you dont have your Old Pc to go into the TS then , no there isnt much to do beside take off the Ap key that you got now from the Website and put a new one.
It will give you new premsstions and everything.

Smacktalk! / Open Raid 20/03/2018 - Commander Bronkx.
« on: March 21, 2018, 00:02:22 »
Yo recorded all the Video and uploaded to youtube.
everyone welcome to Watch the Open Raid led by - Commander Bronkx: 40 Squad+ (41 TS Members) 

1. Many Mistakes by me (but we learn from mistakes not sucsess.
2.Was fun and im enjoying every single of good quality of people and Members that willing to go to TS :)
(Not everyone willing to do so) <3
3.Yes i recorde also Us beeing Wiped out but that is how we learn :)

P.S: At least this time there isnt any Elevetor Music ^^^^

Issues & Enquiries / Re: API reset
« on: March 02, 2018, 11:08:14 »
same here but i removed my old Keys and it is the Massage it give me on the wesbite of FSP when i put the new AP key:


Issues & Enquiries / Re: Abuse and Targeted Racism by Moderators
« on: December 20, 2016, 17:05:23 »
why was it that none of the other moderators gave me a warning but you did ... I only assume its because there is a deeper hate .... within because I am from Egypt and I am muslim ... this is really hurtful to my feelings .... all the time allaka ba on ts and noone gets a ban but dudu says Gai once and I get warning this is sad ... really really sad and painful.. it hurts me soo much

Naomi is Eygpt and you dont sim him get any ban or warning..... or me.... and like i sayed im kinda arbic too from my monther and father....
Also not my folt that im 24/7 online at website+TS and i dont have a job yet so i reiact every fast if there is any news here or reports.

Issues & Enquiries / Re: Abuse and Targeted Racism by Moderators
« on: December 20, 2016, 16:53:32 »
During our recent topic about inactive administration I made a comment of Skore you gai.... which I was reported for... However as many people know first of all theres nothing wrong with being gai.... secondly it doesn't count as an insult because it isn't even spelt correctly... However, I received a warning by the Farshiverpeaks Administration team and I believed that someone of the people I know was trolling me... I believe this was an act of sneaky targeted Racism because I am an Arabian Man and this extremely hurt my feelings..

I feel unsafe by this unfair abuse of power and I would like this sort of injustice to be resolved to protect my fellow FSPers from this type of targeted abuse... ofcourse when I confronted the Mod who did this he said I broke the rules by writing Gai in public.... is it a homophobic thing I do not know? People of the community please I beseech you to Help me get rid of this Racism, anti islamic and homophobic movement from the Far shiverpeaks

This wasnt an offensve move or what ever you like to call it agienst anyone (My father from Iraq and my mother from Yemen) that means that im rasess to??? this is just not even sensess at all DUDU you made a sentencse that someone was insulting and report you about it and you got a warning, you don need to try to back fire it on somthing else that even not there like the team of FSP admins and Moderators agienst the Arbic cuse that just a lie+ not true.

Also if he is your freind then ask him not me why did he report you.... i dont think any of my freind will report me for saying somthing like that in public, you dont know if he is or he isnt and you dont know if he wanna that eevryone will see that you saying stuff like that on him in Public that can be insulting and it was cuse at the report it what he sayed.

OMG Bronx is trying to quote skore,  what he said in reset meeting 3 weeks ago.
From what sources you take this percentages?

Again you talk just to be in this discution.
You really think a net is making profit from wvw? Of course your reason is not yours ,  you take others opinions that you hear in ts and come here to give us lectures.
1.i wasnt at the rest so GG. i didnt sayed it is all about wvw i sayed % the poplrstion in wvw in servers that make profite for anet but sure think what ever you like.

You have misunderstood, what I said is that instead of crying about the lack of administration (umm, you are mod...) with the community platforms and quiet leadership from the community guild, you should rather go cry at Anet about players going inactive at a catastrophic rate!

But unfortunately, like the typical Hillary Clinton supporter, you are unable to see the real problem and rather want to change the insignificant.

Hey HellBound, you are right in my opintion but, even if we will go to Anet and fix the inactive problem and send them Report on it toghter all of us as Moderators+Admins+GC it wont be that many people that it will change there minde about it. like they sayed Anet before, it is look like that:
1.FSp have with out the link 90% at wvw
2.Deso - about 110% cuse they linked with vabi.
3.AM-i think they linked too so like 105% or it was anther server.

so biscley they dont care as long it over or almost over 100% cuse they see it as the server is alive and well and people go into wvw so they happy and they get alot of people that buying Gems to trasfer to anther server all days long so they agian benfit from it so they wont change a bit...
Also there is more to it but i dont have it in minde.
Also you need to understend somthing, for us the Players it is only a game we played when we have time off or wanna to, but for them Anet is there Jobs they get paide for it (pls dont say somthing about streamers that have like 30k+ viewers) so biscely they get paied we dont they need to benfit for them self and ofc for us as well cuse we are the clients in the end but they wanna to do it allways that they will be with the benfit of it and will get more then less then more XD, lets say that, if a company will get 200% Profit every single Monthe and then some client will ask for some changes and it will cost money or even will let the company gain less profite every monthe less so they will get now 150% or 180% they do not wanna that they wanna back the 200% or even more they allways afforde for more, so they wont do it.

Sorry about the long saying XDD :)

It's funny how people complain about the lack of admin/mod when there are at least 2 mods usually online almost the whole day, not to mention some at nighttime also.

Now I for one don't really see what the reason for the complaint is apart from the AFK admin. We do what's given to us or what's necessary and so far we haven't had any "big" issues yet. So we are here and we are doing our part wherever possible.

Plus I'm pretty sure other admins/mods can help with anything you actually need.

Des. People just wanna clear it and toshow itup that someone from the admins not online at all. You better know that im for example and like you and cheeky almost all day long at ts for people whom will need us we will happy to help.

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