Guild Council Charter

Guild Council Charter

1. Mandate
The Guild Council has a mandate to make decisions affecting the players and guilds based on Far Shiverpeaks and any currently Linked World server on the basis that each representative represents at least 20+ players if the guild/group is WvW focussed, or 40+ players if the guild/group is PvX focused. Figure is determined from the FSP website guild pages.

2. Gaining/Losing a seat on guild council
To gain a seat you must meet the 1 of the following requirements and be based on Far Shiverpeaks or any currently Linked World server:
  • WvW guild with 20+ active members
  • PvX guild with 40+ active members
  • A group of WvW guilds with 20+ active members
  • A group of PvX guilds with 40+ active members (1 PvX guild in group makes group PvX)
  • Be voted in as the pug representative
To lose your seat on the council:
  • Drop below requirements above (doesn’t stop you from forming a group)
  • Go against a council decision (eg. Refuse to remove nuisance player from roster)
  • Miss 2 meetings in a row or 4 meetings over 12 month period.
3. Scope
The scope of the council extends to these various activities involved in organising and maintaining an active and well managed server. This can be added to in monthly meeting.
  • Server Recruitment
  • Guild Activity
  • Reset + Coverage organisation
  • Spreadsheet usage
  • Nuisance Players (No membership + any action)
  • Community Guild (Selection + Requests)
  • Website (Requests)
  • Teamspeak (Requests)
4. How is activity determined?
Activity is inherently difficult to determine, we base membership numbers off of the FSP website guild pages. However if a guild is rarely seen as being active in WvW then the rest of the guild council can call for an ‘activity check’ at the monthly meeting. A council ‘officer’ is then appointed to carry out an activity check. The activity check involves contact being made with the guild (if there’s no response, the mail sent to guild contact still stands as contact being made). Once this has been sent, the guild is required to field a raid of 10+ members within 7 days and have this activity verified by the council, this number is spread amongst smaller guild raids for a group of WvW guilds.

The exact details of verification can be decided between the guild(s) and the council officer.

5. Decision making
A monthly guild council meeting will be held on the last day of each month @ 7PM GMT (Except where the last day is a Saturday, in which case it will be held at the same time the day before). An agenda thread will be formed following each meeting and can be added to up to 2 days before the next meeting is held so that any topics people wish to discuss can be brought up and discussed. There will be an open suggestions forum for topics to be brought up for consideration by any FSP Member.

All decisions will be made at these meetings, it is important each seat has at least an appointed representative present in order to pass on information and vote if necessary. A majority vote system will be used 51% of a vote is enough to win regardless of how many people are at meeting. We cannot be held back by people not turning up, if you disagree with a decision but weren’t at meeting, add it to the agenda for next meeting.

The Guild Council members will NOT attempt to find replacement reps. It's the individuals responsibility to either find one to step in himself if he can't join himself or inform the gc if there won't be a rep from a specific guild at that meeting.

6. Chair
A chairman must be decided on, if there are no volunteers then it’ll be decided via random number generator. The chairman must read through each point on the agenda and decide that if/when the discussion goes in circles and requires an outcome, to call a vote. If the vote comes to a 50/50 split then the chairman can call for a re-vote or have someone use - coinflip - to perform a coinflip on a live stream.

7. Documentation
The chairman of the meeting must either appoint someone to take notes or do it themselves. The notes must be an annotated copy of the agenda so that it shows the outcome of each point discussed.

This will be placed in the guild council section of the forum to ensure it is an accurate record not start new topics.  You can request things to be added which were mentioned at the meeting, not bring up new topics or continue discussion, to do that, add them to the agenda for the next meeting. After 2 days the topic will be locked and posted in public section for everyone to view.

As Website, Teamspeak and Community guild are essentially being provided as services for the benefit of the server then they’re able to essentially run themselves. If the guild council has issues with any of these services then they may submit a request to the leader of that service and expect the outcome to be communicated to them. The guild council can call for a vote on the selection of the community guild due to lack of activity or confidence in leadership. The ‘new’ community guild must be WvW only, and willing to assume the responsibilities of the server bank, server wide chat and anything else which has been added since the formation of the guild council.

20+ Members WvW, 40+ Members PvX for a seat, meetings on last day of each month, agenda for each month that you can add to. Read the whole thing!

This is a fluid document, it can be altered by the guild council via vote at meetings.
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