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Ordu is an Estonian national PvX guild based at Far Shiverpeaks. We hold the biggest roster of Estonian speaking players in GW2 (nearly 500). With strong core members we hold weekly events and enjoy the game as a community.

For additional information drop a whisp or mail @
psychameron.4503, Athena.7650 or Valts.6703
Or visit our website!

Guild Roster

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Member Rank
Dorovan Leader
Valts Leader
Anniry Member
Aver2geZ Member
Bots Member
Caliope Member
Cloudie Member
Grav Member
MadLuck Member
Malbidion Member
Muumia Member
Nazgul Member
Nipi Member
Prex Member
Queen Member
Ser Member
Taggy Member
Tamps Member
TheSmurfSilver Member
Vispu Member
Zizza Member
h1twoman Member
kinaver Member
little bear Member
lkits Member
neiribelin Member
purenordic Member
sirtomat Member
torumees0 Member
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