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Malevolent Discrucio
The elite group within BurN is created with the sole purpose of GvGing which have several demands and benefits.

We are currently very active in the lower number GvG scene with XvX fights which is between 5v5 - 10v10. In the future we might go up to 15v15 but at the moment we’re more interested in a scene where the meta is not a requirement to win fights.

We in BurN do not consider ourself a hardcore guild, however our Elite Group fully commit to reaching our goal and do what it takes to get us there. This means running the proper builds, testing ideas, rerolling if needed and fully commit to the process. We do all of this with great enthusiasm, since this is our reasons to play the game and play it well. To us it's a natural way of playing this game and get the most out of it. Some might consider this Hardcore, we ourself see it as playing the game as it's supposed to be played - 100%.

We are not a guild that raid in large numbers due to our preferred fighting style, which means we usually run around 10 and do not wish to run more than 15-20 in raids.

BurN is a gaming community, which means we have people playing many other games together than just Guild Wars 2. The chance of finding a gaming buddy or 5 in BurN is rather big.


Sunday 8-10 pm CET
Monday 8-10 pm CET
Tuesday 8-10 pm CET
Wednesday 8-10 pm CET
Thursday 8-10 pm CET

GvGs will be planned in these timezones. If no GvGs are scheduled, other events might be planned or we take the night off - keep an eye on our Discord for info about the night in question.


* Weekly GvGs in OS/Guild Hall
* Open Tag
* Closed Raids when 15+ is present
* Roaming

When no GvGs are planned:
* Multiple types of Guild Hall training
   - inhouse scrims
   - training of individual skill level
* Private training in borders

Only members belonging to the elite group are allowed to GvG. If you as a community member is interested in joining the Elite group, contact Goldi to start your trial.

Community members are welcome to participate in any activities outside of GvGs.

* When raiding; Join TS, Join Squad, Be vocal, play your main on Guild Build.
* If you’re Online = you’re raiding unless some arrangement has been discussed with Goldi; offline mode does not count.
* Join Discord.
* Be vocal about your thoughts and ideas - don’t have to but I would rather hear your opinion than nothing.

No demands for Community members.


Goldi - goldibird.6375
- Msg for invite

For more details, read below.

- - - - - - -
* We strive to be a respected gaming guild so we expect our members to behave ingame and respect both allies and enemies. Please refrain from publicly flaming others and keep drama to a minimum.
* Our members are expected to represent the guild as much as possible - (repping during events is a demand, however repping other guilds outside of guild events is allowed.)
* Unannounced absence from Elite players, longer than two weeks, will force your position in the guild to be re-evaluated.
* When a guild kick occurs, you have the right to reapply for trial once you’ve solved the issue that caused the kick in the first place.
* Applicant need to be able to follow our schedule.
* New members are advised to write a message on Discord which will help integrate with long term members.
* New members will, upon joining, enter the Elite Trial phase; A two-week period where we determine if the person is a good addition to the guild. The trial period can be shortened or extended in some cases.
* We encourage our members to record their gameplay. This is not a demand, but it will help improving your own gameplay.

During Guild Events, all members are expected to:

* Join Teamspeak3 and be vocal.
* To be focused during Guild Events.
* Respect the assigned raid leader and follow his commands as much as possible.
* Full cooperation and commitment
* Frequent AFK'ing during Guild Events is not acceptable and can end up with your position in the guild being re-evaluated.


* No disruption to communication during serious play.
* No guests should be invited to BurN TeamSpeak during Guild Event without consent.
* Treat guests with respect and try to make new members feel welcomed.
* Members are expected to be active on Discord. Try to follow daily and don't hesitate to join in on discussions.

Guild Roster

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Member Rank
Goldi Leader
AJN25 Member
Ameethist Member
Astardus Member
Aver2geZ Member
Aziel Bloodlust Member
Betameche Member
CaptainSamo Member
Carimmehrez Member
Chabo Member
Coilernl Member
DW Stranger Member
Deadly Member
Eliaschy Member
Emptywords Member
Eva Slack Off Member
Flashmob Member
GoT Yakuza Member
Kaida Member
Kazu Member
Lancelot Member
Laser Member
Loku Member
LulaLee Member
Malbidion Member
ManIsBlack Member
Oblonsky Member
Oh Gee Member
Olympia Fallen Member
Reoko The Destroyer Member
RosieVasGlade Member
Ruven Ashclaw Member
SHadow Lycan Member
Scream Member
Toxiraptor Member
Unssi Member
Vetras Member
Viciousfly Member
WhiteKill Member
Xantiave Member
Xerion Member
Yaboh Member
bartbart Member
clabbekongo Member
dissex94 Member
elnegro Member
iFap Member
xancex Member
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