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NNJA [shinto Tanto Jutsu]

NNJA is a WvW guild located on Far Shiverpeaks. We are doing 2 raids a week and what we are going to do during those raids depends on our size from our group.

The things we are going to is  fighting other groups, roaming, capping towers/keeps/camps and reclaiming the maps. We are doing those raids on Monday and Wednesday at 19:30 CET.

All classes are welcome to join the most important thing is that we having fun together during the raids.

For an invite or for more information please whisper Endishel.1726

Guild Roster

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Member Rank
Bijuu Anbu Ninja
Hyenan Anbu Ninja
Kas Anbu Ninja
Mictanium Anbu Ninja
Toke.1267 Anbu Ninja
WretchedSpawn Anbu Ninja
moreteoss Anbu Ninja
qog Anbu Ninja
Fake Gold Chains Genin Ninja
Fox939 Genin Ninja
Lerak Genin Ninja
Lucky Strike Genin Ninja
LuckyMangoPie Genin Ninja
M Klane Genin Ninja
Nummia.7843 Genin Ninja
Saethwyr Genin Ninja
Sallonikios Genin Ninja
Sol Genin Ninja
You Need Kebab Genin Ninja
darko97 Genin Ninja
mortecerebral Genin Ninja
ofek Genin Ninja
samanosuke Genin Ninja
sylvester99 Genin Ninja
voorwaarts Genin Ninja
dececrator Kage Ninja
gloflop Kage Ninja
iUAE_falcon Kage Ninja
Tassy Sage Ninja
enoxon Sage Ninja
Endishel Special Jonin
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