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Perkele is a Finnish guild formed during the early access period of Guild Wars 2 in August 2012. Our founding members originated from the same guild from the original Guild Wars, but the guild started to rapidly grow after Guild Wars 2 release. Nowadays we are one of the biggest Finnish only guild on the server with over 250 members and a very active daily player base.

We are a PvX guild with members interests ranging from raiders all the way to PvP players. We do weekly guild missions, raid and have had some success on the guild team PvP ladder.

If you're a finnish player on the Far Shiverpeaks server and you're looking for a guild, you can contact me, Taskumatti.5873 via whisper or in game mail, or send me a personal message here on

Guild Roster

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Member Rank
Patonki Alijohtaja
Timppa Alijohtaja
Taskumatti Johtaja
Dalrath Member
Elsa Member
Flegmaatikko Member
Helle Member
Imogee Member
JanX2 Member
Kakkis Member
Knoppers Member
Korpisoturi Member
Kova Papukaija Member
Kristo Member
Magicagw2 Member
Mohni Member
Murce Member
Nobeli Member
OddTime Member
Pottusalaatti Member
Trix Member
ganjamist Member
kimbl3 Member
toomi Member
Evennia Päällystö
Jukkernautti Päällystö
Leka Päällystö
Suri Päällystö
b1sse Päällystö
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