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Malevolent Discrucio
* Fun chit chat and random events! :D

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Member Rank
Goldi Leader
AJN25 Member
Ameethist Member
Astardus Member
Aziel Bloodlust Member
BlisteR Member
CaptainSamo Member
Carimmehrez Member
Chabo Member
Chop Chop Member
Coilernl Member
DW Stranger Member
Deadly Member
Deadly27 Member
Eliaschy Member
Emptywords Member
Eva Slack Off Member
Flashmob Member
Freetobe Member
GoT Yakuza Member
I Am Dansker Member
Kaida Member
Kleey Member
Lancelot Member
Laser Member
Loku Member
LulaLee Member
Malbidion Member
ManIsBlack Member
Marty Member
Oblonsky Member
Oh Gee Member
Reoko The Destroyer Member
RosieVasGlade Member
Ruven Ashclaw Member
SHadow Lycan Member
Scream Member
Toxiraptor Member
Tyvara Member
Unssi Member
Vetras Member
Viciousfly Member
WhiteKill Member
Xerion Member
Yaboh Member
clabbekongo Member
elnegro Member
huksplutty Member
iFap Member
jack_mcdan Member
xancex Member
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