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Shinto Tanto Jutsu
NNJA is a WvW guild located in Far Shiverpeaks. We are doing guild roaming raids every day. What we do during the raids depends on the needs of the server.

Fsp & linked players are welcomed.

For an invite or for more information visit

No Fear - No Mercy,

Guild Roster

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Member Rank
Bijuu Anbu Ninja
Hyenan Anbu Ninja
Kas Anbu Ninja
Toke.1267 Anbu Ninja
WretchedSpawn Anbu Ninja
moreteoss Anbu Ninja
Fake Gold Chains Genin Ninja
Lerak Genin Ninja
Lucky Strike Genin Ninja
LuckyMangoPie Genin Ninja
M Klane Genin Ninja
Nummia.7843 Genin Ninja
Saethwyr Genin Ninja
Sol Genin Ninja
mortecerebral Genin Ninja
ofek Genin Ninja
samanosuke Genin Ninja
sylvester99 Genin Ninja
voorwaarts Genin Ninja
gloflop Kage Ninja
iUAE_falcon Kage Ninja
Desty Member
Grimzar Member
Katzenfischer Member
Kindro Member
Mat Ice Member
Metaknight Member
Mythic Member
OniMess Member
Persen Member
Poofle Member
Rulv Member
Soul the Charrguard Member
addol95 Member
beehive Member
hapsie Member
parryhotter Member
redfoxiczek Member
setius Member
Mictanium Sage Ninja
Tassy Sage Ninja
enoxon Sage Ninja
qog Sage Ninja
dececrator Soke
Endishel Special Jonin
Sallonikios Special Jonin
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