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All Were Outlaws Left
About us
[AWOL] Fun, Friendly International Guild looking for players to represent AWOL for PvE/WvWvW/PvP and general fun gaming. We are a long established Guild from other MMO’s such as Archlord and Aion.

We have Guild Buffs, Guild Missions, Commander, TeamSpeak, Dungeon runs, Any Level/Class Welcome. We want to increase our active members to enjoy everything GW2 has to offer. We have a TS3 server although not compulsory does make things easier even if all you can do is listen.

If you like WvW, SPvP, WvW or PvE and want a guild where you are can enjoy GW2 to its fullest then give us a go!

Requirements to Join: Located on Far Shiverpeaks Home Server Willing to attend to WvW & PvP events if online Be friendly, helpful & active

AWOL Diary: Wednesday Guild Missions Sundays – Guild WvW Fun Everyday – Dungeons/ Fractals

In-game Contacts for whisper/mail:
- Braveheartless.2139
- Frantom.1752
- Lord Little Puppy.3160
- Valinath.7504

Guild Roster

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Member Rank
Braveheartless Guild Leader
Char Member
Jozo Member
Spaffs Member
Valinath Member
atob1 Member
frankzz Member
gloeckle Member
jitendra good Member
mato1825 Member
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