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The guild has a long heritage going back to 2005 and early Guild Wars 1. During this time we did a lot of cool small events such as quiz nights and funruns. We were, very PvE based. With this long a history behind us there are bound to be players leaving for varied reasons including having families and simply not having time. [AoM] has been with the franchise from the start and we plan to be here till the very end.

As in current time we take in new as old players, a larger majority is mainly focused on WvW. Due to us being an PvX guild, all our members are not on the same server, we have then no requirement to represent the guild, or having us as your main guild.

- If you are interested in being part of this heritage or want more info, contact Guild Leader Rumba.3174 or Co Leader Eleonora.3627

Guild Roster

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Member Rank
Eleonora Co Leader
Jabari Leader
Adm. Member
Beards Member
Calilta Member
Dane Member
Ephoraz Member
Goldi Member
Kalhaos Member
Kikkihiiri Member
Lynxoz Member
Naz Member
Nefy Member
Odeith Member
Shirokuma Member
Skyttles Member
Smao Member
UndeadSoldier Member
Zizulaki Member
dreadfulgeorge Member
i am here again Member
jack_mcdan Member
Isorahisa Officer
Torunn Thordottir Officer
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