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Ruthless Termination
[RT] Ruthless Termination is recruiting.
We are looking for People interested in Guild and Blob-fights.The guild consists of mostly EXP players, our aim is to improve - while keeping it relaxed and fun

Guild Roster

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Member Rank
Digition Flux Arnold
dudu.freddie Leader
Ajinka Member
Aral12 Member
Ashu Member
BeJay Member
Dreyk Member
Ephoraz Member
Eris Member
Frustraatio Member
Gaberen Member
Kanace Member
KoYlos Member
Loreatus Member
Lumen Dex Member
Lyssian Member
Mahin Shin Member
Nigra Member
Ojtam Member
Perezo Member
Salsefia Member
Sarah Member
Shedu Member
Soul the Charrguard Member
Sâitô Member
Toot Member
[So] Talvani Member
andresi Member
gogo Member
howshm0a Member
kiia Member
killerapple Member
lacsap Member
masterock Member
montaser Member
nanomidgy Member
rasca rasca Member
rayangi Member
santso Member
sem Member
setius Member
soffa Member
zid Member
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