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 FSP Recruitment Status

Recruitment Status: OPEN

Far Shiverpeaks is currently open, we have room for prime time guilds + early/night crews
Please post - here if recruitment is open and you're interested in joining FSP as a guild or pm a site admin - please contact us first!
Teamspeak Server Transfer
Posted by: I Am Dansker in Website Announcements on April 08, 2017, 21:24:07
The Teamspeak server is going to be transferred to a new location sometime between now and tomorrow.
This means that the server will most likely be down for a short amount of time while the licence get transferred.

I will make an update on this topic once the transfer is due and again when it has happened
If you have any issues as a result of this transfer, feel free to inform us about it in this thread.

TS Clean-Up (23.9) & Maintenance (24-25.9)
Posted by: Turtle in Website Announcements on September 17, 2016, 13:44:26
Hello FSP & linked World reader!

We've to announce 2 points which are important to everyone:

TS-Clean up:
First of all we're planing to clean up the Teamspeak, especially the channels. We want to bring more structure and clear overwiew in teamspeak while to erase dead channel. We already made the list of channels which are inactive since older 7 or more days, so we can monitor which channels become suddenly active before we delete the channels.

The clean-up will start in the evening at friday before the reset starts -> 23.9.2016!

Emergency Maintenance:
Due the massive lag increase in the past days, the admin (Alwies and me) are planing to do a emergency maintenance and try to rebuild the TS-server. We're still monitoring why we've such massive laggs, especially when the hardware power (CPU, ram, ...) got increased on friday and it became more laggy in the unlogical way.
For the time during the maintenance, the FSP server is NOT usable and please use the KALE-Ts (from Nora) meanwhile! She is informed and you are allowed to use the Teamspeak of KALE!

TS-adress: ts.kalevala.net

The Maintenance begins at sunday, 18.9.2016!! maybe the monday included.

MORE DETAILS: >> https://farshiverpeaks.com/index.php?topic=2349.msg17318 <<

EDIT-18.09.2016: The maintenance will be postponed to next weekend, 24-25.9.2016. There are new setting which we want to test out for next friday since the friday is mostly the only day that creates heavy lagg issues. Your help is welcome too! If you track some high packet loss or lag issue, then note the date & time when it happened and send the information to us (Alwies , Turtle).

We removed all avatars and disabled the re-upload for functional increasing of fsp server.

Best regards,

Admin team

Linked User's Integration & Verification System Update
Posted by: I Am Dansker in Website Announcements on August 31, 2016, 18:30:59
Linked user's can now verify themselves using the GW2 API

In addition, the verification system has been overhauled and now support user's verifying themselves without creating a forum account (however not recommended due to key management being harder that way)

The UI has also been updated using Material Design Lite too, hopefully will make it easier for players to figure out how it works

You can go to https://farshiverpeaks.com/index.php?page=gw2integration to see what your current't linking status is and check it out for yourself

Kinks still needed to be worked out, but was decided wasn't important enough to delay any longer
  • Going from a Teamspeak only link to a Teamspeak / Forum link is problematic
If you find any other issues, feel free to report them to me

Updated Rules
Posted by: UAEfalcon in Website Announcements on April 14, 2016, 11:53:48
This forum is for the community of the Far Shiverpeaks server on Guild Wars 2. To ensure that the forums remain an accessible and welcoming place, the following rules should be adhered to by all members:

1. Be respectful of fellow posters.
2. No spamming of any kind.
3. No 'cheating' threads (report it here or in game)
4. Stay on topic.
5. Don't be a dick...
6. Maximum of 2 consecutive posts on the shoutbox

Violation of the rules shall be judged on an individual basis, though in general there will be a 3 strikes and out policy.

If you have any issues with a post, please report it to a moderator... if you can't be bothered to do this, then it probably isn't bad enough for us to care about.

New Website Host
Posted by: I Am Dansker in Website Announcements on September 28, 2015, 21:47:19
The website has just switched over to a VPS instead of our old shared hosting solution

This has been a long time coming.
The old site was slow and we almost hit our resource cap each month. This month that happened. We hit our 20gb bandtwidth limit, meaning the site was unavailable for about an hour while we got the website imported to the new VPS.

Is the site still unavailable for your buddies?
Since the host changed, the IP also changed, meaning people either have to wait for their DNS to reset, or clear it manually. A guide for flushing your dns can be found here for both Windows and Mac) https://documentation.cpanel.net/display/CKB/How+To+Clear+Your+DNS+Cache
Linux users, i expect you to know how to do this on your own!  :) 

It still doesn't work!
It is very possibly that your computer is using a DNS server that has not yet itself cleared its cache.
If you know how to change your DNS to something like Google DNS, then you can do this (it is most likely better than your default DNS server anyway)
However i wont actually say you should do it, it is just a matter of time before the site works for you again

The new host
First of all, the new host is cheaper, but i think these results speak for themselves

Old siteNew site

The new site also has a 1TB bandtwidth, meaning we shouldn't hit this cap again any time soon :)

There are still some minor issues with the character encodings, but everything seems to work fine

API reset
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